Emergency Medicine

Our Mission & Vision

To advance Pediatric Emergency Medicine through high quality patient and family-centered care, innovative research, advocacy and education.
The Pediatric Emergency Medicine program at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, partnering with the American Family Children’s Hospital, will fulfill its mission by being a leader in providing compassionate, high quality, evidence-based emergency care to children of our city, state, and beyond. We will advance pediatric emergency care through innovative research and its translation to clinical practice. We will train the future leaders in pediatrics and emergency medicine and be the educational resource for the community and all level of health-care providers. We will be a leader in the promotion of children’s health and safety through advocacy and public awareness.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

American Family Children’s Hospital Pediatric Emergency Medicine Care Services

Division Members

Anna Grimes, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)


Emergency Medicine
600 Highland Ave

Jamie Hess, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)


(608) 263-9724

Emergency Medicine

Michael Kim, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)


(608) 890-7519

Emergency Medicine
600 Highland Ave, F2/220

Nicholas Kuehnel, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS), Medical Director


Emergency Medicine
600 Highland Ave

Gregory Rebella, MD

Clinical Associate Professor


(608) 265-3860

Emergency Medicine
600 Highland Ave, F2/203

Joshua Ross, MD

Associate Professor (CHS), Interim Section Chief


(608) 263-6579

Emergency Medicine
800 University Bay Dr, Suite 310

James Svenson, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)


(608) 265-5808

Emergency Medicine