Division Highlights - Genetics & Metabolism

The Division of Genetics and Metabolism provides comprehensive services to help patients and families cope with a variety of genetic disorders.

We have provided these services statewide through over 30 years of partnership with the Division of Public Health and leadership of the Wisconsin Genetics System.

Research interests include the genetic basis of inherited disorders, molecular techniques for newborn screening, diagnosis of nonsyndromic intellectual disability, and the genetic causes of vertebral anomalies.

2009 Highlights

  • Philip Giampietro, MD, PhD, joined the division as medical director of the Genetics Counseling Training Program. Now in its 35th year, the program also moved to the Department of Pediatrics in 2009.
  • The genetics counseling clinical program, now in its 35th year, moved from the Department of Medical Genetics to the Department of Pediatrics, bringing eight counselors into the department.
  • Gregory Rice, MD, genetics counselor Lindsay Zetzsche, MS, CGC, other Department of Pediatrics faculty, and a multidisciplinary team at the Waisman Center, established the Fragile X Syndrome Clinic.
  • David Wargowski, MD, served on a newly formed joint American Academy of Pediatrics/Centers for Disease Control expert panel on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
  • The Waisman Center Genetics Clinics received the UW Health Service Excellence Award for achieving the highest patient satisfaction score in the UW Health system for the first half of 2009.


David S. Wargowski, MD

Division Chief
David S. Wargowski, MD

Associate Professor

Mei W. Baker, MD

Assistant Professor

Philip F. Giampietro, MD, PhD


Jennifer J. S. Laffin, PhD

Assistant Professor

Richard M. Pauli, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Gregory M. Rice, MD

Assistant Professor

Jon A. Wolff, MD

Clinical Professor, Volunteer Staff


Recent Publications

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Grant Support

Principal Investigator Funding Agency Title
Rice, Gregory Wisconsin Dept of Health Services Congenital Disorders Program
Rice, Gregory Biomarin Pharmaceutical PAL-001 Clinical Trial
Rice, Gregory Biomarin Pharmaceutical AN8-DAY Course of Phenoptin Treatment In Subjects with Phenylketonuria
Rice, Gregory Biomarin Pharmaceutical BMRN PKU-006 Clinical Trial
Wargowski, David; Wilton, Georgiana DHHS, PHS, Centers For Disease Control Great Lakes FASD Regional Training Center
Wolff, Jon Wisconsin Dept of Health Services Congenital Disorders Program
Wolff, Jon Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc Sapropterin Expanded Access Program
Wolff, Jon Mirus Corporation Development of Vehicles To Deliver Sirna Therapeutics