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Wilhelm M, Xu Z, Kukekov NV, Gire S, Greene LA, Proapoptotic Nix Activates the JNK Pathway by Interacting with POSH and Mediates Death in a Parkinson?s Disease Model, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282(2): 1288 - 95, 2007

Wilhelm M, Kukekov NK, Xu Z, Greene LA, Identification Of A Novel Homologue Of The JNK Scaffold Protein POSH, POSH2, Developmental Neuroscience, 29(4-5): 355 - 362, 2007

Sproul AA, Xu Z, Wilhelm M, Gire S, Greene LA, Cbls Interact with the JNK Scaffold POSH and are Regulated By Apoptotic Stress to Release Inhibition of JNK Activity and Cell Death, Cell Research, 19(8): 950 - 61, 2008

Hsu B, Heatley D, Wilhelm M, Large Cervico-thoracic Thymic Cyst Causing Prominent Airway Deviation in a Three Day Old Neonate. Wisconsin Medical Journal, In Press