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Through implementation, quality improvement and patient engagement we study how technological tools can improve diabetes and endocrine care for patients, families and the community. This work includes studies involving the electronic health record (EHR), online resources for health information and support, as well as telehealth and telementoring.

Diabetes in School Health (DiSH)

Ali Pollock Grant FigureType 1 diabetes (T1D), in children is a constant and relentless disease. It affects 1 in 300 school-aged children. Since kids spend the majority of their waking hours at school it is critical that diabetes care be consistent and of high quality in school. This creates a burden on under resourced school nurses to manage T1D. We work with communities and schools to improve delivery of diabetes care.

DiSH Telementoring ECHO Program

Diabetes in School Growing Up Healthy

Diabetes resources from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Electronic Health Record Tool Implementation

Electronic health records (EHRs) have great capacity to improve delivery of healthcare but “not all that glitters is gold.” We work to develop innovative solutions to clinical care delivery challenges using the electronic medical record. We study how EHR tools are implemented and evaluate quality improvement in endocrine and diabetes clinical care.

Pediatric Diabetes EHR tools

Pediatric Endocrine EHR tools

Online Resources For Diabetes And Endocrine Conditions

Children, adolescents and their families affected by diabetes or other endocrine conditions require subspecialty care via in-person visits but often have questions and concerns between visits. Access to reliable, valuable and supportive health information depends on social support, time, money and other resources. We develop multimedia content and take a bundled approach to patient, family and community education and awareness about endocrine conditions such as type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes resources

KISS – Sick day management with type 1 diabetes

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Allison J. Pollock, MD

Allison Pollock, MD
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