Grant Support

Current Grant Support

NIH/Office of the Director (UG3 OD023282), “Children’s respiratory and environmental workgroup (CREW)” (2016-2023). Lemanske, Co-Investigator

NIH/NIAID & Children’s Hospital of Boston (U01 AI126614), “Controlling and preventing asthma progression and severity in kids, PARK” (2014-2023). Lemanske, Co-Investigator

NIH/NCATS (UL1 TR002373), “Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award” (2017-2022).  Lemanske, Deputy Executive Director

NIH/NHLBI & University of Arizona (U01 HL130045), “ORal Bacterial EXtracts (ORBEX): Primary prevention of asthma and wheezing in children” (2016-2021). Lemanske, Co-Investigator

Completed Grant Support

NIH/NHLBI (P01 HL070831), “Rhinovirus infections in children and adolescents, COAST” (2002-2019). Lemanske, Co-PI

Wisconsin Partnership Program, “Zooming in on childhood asthma: disease causality and personalized medicine” (2015-2018). Lemanske, PI

NIH/NCATS (UL1 TR000427), “Institutional clinical and translational science award – UW ICTR” (2015-2017). Lemanske, Deputy Executive Director

NIH/NIAID (T32 AI007635), “Wisconsin allergy and immunology research, training program” (2005-2017). Lemanske, Co-Director

NIH/NHLBI (U10 HL098090), “AsthmaNet: UW-Madison clinical and translational research center” (2009-2017). Lemanske, Co-PI

Pharmaxis, “Mannitol challenge in COAST” (2009-2017). Lemanske, PI

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, “Comprehensive asthma control through evidence-based strategies and public health-health care collaboration” (2015-2016). Lemanske, Advisor

NIH/NIAID (U19 AI104317), “Mechanisms and environmental determinants of rhinovirus illness severity” (2013-2015). Lemanske, Co-Investigator

NIH/NHLBI (F30 HL112491), ”Clustering to identify novel phenotypes in childhood asthma” (2012-2014). Lemanske, Mentor

NIH/NHLBI (R01 HL097134), “Investigating effects of viral infection on lung development” (2009-2014). Lemanske, Multiple PI

NIH/NHLBI (U10 HL074212), “Treatment of severe persistent asthma” (2003-2011). Lemanske, PI

NIH/NHLBI (U10 HL064305), “CARE network – Madison clinical center” (1999-2011). Lemanske, PI

NIH/NIAID (P01 AI050500), “Mechanisms of virus-induced asthma” (2001-2007). Lemanske, Project PI

NIH/NHLBI (P50 HL056396), “SCOR – cellular and molecular mechanisms of asthma” (2001-2006). Lemanske, Project PI

NIH/NHLBI (U10 HL064305), “Childhood asthma: initiation and intervention (1999-2004). Lemanske, PI

NIH/NHLBI (U10 HL051843), “Immunomodulating drug therapy in asthma” (1993-1998). Lemanske, PI