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Yoo, SK, Starnes, T, Deng Q and Huttenlocher, A. (2011) Lyn is a redox sensor that mediates leukocyte wound attraction in vivo. Nature, 480(7375):109-12.

Cavnar PJ, Berthier E, Beebe DJ, and Huttenlocher A. (2011) Hax1 regulates neutrophil adhesion and motility through RhoA. Journal of Cell Biology 193(3):465-73.

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Wiemer, AJ, Hegde, S, Gumperz, J and Huttenlocher A. (2011) A live imaging cell motility screen identifies PGE2 as a T cell stop signal antagonist. Journal of Immunology, 187(7):3663-70. PMCID: PMC3178752

Cortesio CL, Cooper KM, Wernimont SA, Kastner DL and Huttenlocher A. (2010) Impairedpodosome formation and invasive migration of macrophages from patients withPAPA syndrome and a PSTPIP1 mutation, Arthritis and Rheumatism 62(8):2556-8.

Yoo S, Deng Q, Cavnar P, Wu Y, Hahn KM and Huttenlocher A. (2010). Differential regulation of protrusion and polarity by PI(3)K during neutrophil motility in live zebrafish. Developmental Cell, 18:226-36.

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