R&D and Capital Equipment (CapEx)

2020 R&D and CapEx proposals are due MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2019


**The applications are now electronic! Click below to apply for each opportunity**

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Research and Development Award Funds

The purpose of the R&D Award Fund is to support research activities. R&D awards are granted only when applicants demonstrate that they are also seeking other funding sources and when previous sources for the specific project have been spent or committed. Funds are awarded with the expectation that they will support activities which will lead to applications for extramural support. Funding uses include initiation of new research projects, bridging the funding gap between grants, supporting personnel, and the purchase of supplies. It is not the purpose of the R&D Fund to be the long-term sole source of support for a particular research project, nor is the purpose of the R&D Fund to provide relief from grant overspending.

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Capital Equipment (CapEx) Funds

The source of Capital Equipment funds is overhead generated by federal research grants and contracts. The Pediatrics allocation is based on the Department’s share of Medical School federal indirect costs after a general assessment to support school-wide capital needs. In addition to capital equipment (defined as an item costing $5,000 or more and having a useful life > 2 years), these funds may be used for minor remodeling projects, equipment service contracts, and computing devices/software related to clinical research programs.

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