American Family Children's Hospital becomes "No Hit Zone"

UW Health is joining a community-wide initiative to stop corporal punishment, including spanking and hitting. As part of "Hitting Hurts," UW Health will create "No Hit Zones" in all of its facilities starting with American Family Children's Hospital.

"The goal of the ‘Hitting Hurts' campaign is to educate the public about the risks of using corporal punishment on children. UW Health's No Hit Zone will reinforce this message by creating a safe, healthy and non-violent environment for everyone," said Dr. Barbara Knox, medical director of the UW Health Child Protection Program and associate professor of pediatrics. "Our hope is that this initiative will grow to include communities and families."

"Most adults were spanked or hit as children," Dr. Knox continued. "But years of research tells us that hitting hurts in a variety of ways and on many levels. Additionally, it can lead to the physical abuse of children."

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