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Course Overview: PHS-650 Preventing Childhood Obesity

In this course, students will focus on obesity prevention, with a strong focus on pediatric obesity, via the following:

  • addressing causal factors of obesity related to poor nutrition and lack of physical activity through population-based strategies for pediatric obesity prevention;
  • utilizing the social ecological model as a framework for intervention, with a focus on environmental and policy change;
  • using evidence based, best practice strategies that are setting specific for school, community, home (families), and healthcare environments;
  • learning about media advocacy to support policy and environmental changes;
  • focusing on disparities related to overweight and obesity that exist amongst cultural, racial, and socioeconomic groups;
  • learning about the impact of multidisciplinary collaborations in the development and sustainability of intervention programs that prevent obesity and
  • prepare students to assemble a grant proposal towards obesity prevention.
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