Inpatient Reading Library

American Family Children’s Hospital

One facet of our literacy promotion efforts is the American Family Children’s Hospital Inpatient Reading Library. With its professionally selected, high-quality collection of over 600 award-winning books for patients ranging in age from infants through young adults, AFCH is one of the few National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions facilities to have a robust literacy presence. By offering children and families easy browsing through conveniently located, 24-hour-accessible shelves, AFCH guarantees that books are not only a serious option for distraction during hospitalization, but a part of the landscape of the hospital environment. With ongoing training of pediatric nursing staff about the importance of literacy promotion, families are encouraged to make use of the library resources, including volunteer readers, to whatever extent possible.

The grand opening of the AFCH Inpatient Reading Library featured former Wisconsin first lady Jessica Doyle.

Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle

Former Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle

American Family Children's Hospital Inpatient Reading Library Grand Opening

Inpatient Reading Library Grand Opening

Photos: John Maniaci/UW Hospital & Clinics