Professional Development

Photo of Residents


Our program has a strong commitment to establishing and fostering meaningful mentoring relationships between faculty and residents. To facilitate this, semi-annual meetings between mentors and mentees are scheduled during all three years of training. Faculty mentors are selected by residents themselves, based on shared professional interests as well as on family and lifestyle concerns. Topics for discussion at mentor/mentee meetings include how to balance work and home life, how to keep up with the medical literature, dealing with physical and emotional fatigue, and what the life of a practicing physician is really like. We believe that, with the foundation our mentoring program provides, our residents will be successful in any of their career choices.

In addition to these formal mentors, many residents develop mentoring relationships with other faculty, such as their scholarly project advisors, continuity clinic preceptors, subspecialty faculty in their chosen field, or just someone with whom they “click.”

Meetings with Program Directors

The program directors meet with each resident twice per year. This time is set aside to reflect on past performance and develop meaningful goals for the next six months. The time is also used to discuss future plans and address any issues or concerns on a one-on-one basis.

These personalized sessions are a great way for residents to give and receive feedback and discuss their personal and professional goals and achievements.

Teaching and Learning in Medicine

Residents play a critical role in teaching medical students and others on the health care team, as role models and mentors. Graduate medical education is built on the principles of adult learning theory that posit that medical students and trainees learn best when instruction is problem-centered, experience-oriented, active and relevant to practice, conducted in a safe learning environment that encourages processing and verbalization of thought, and when feedback is provided.

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