We support “The Wisconsin Idea”, which is a principle that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom, and the work of the university extends to the borders of the state. Our physicians take education and advocacy out of the clinics and into schools, detention centers, homes and even the legislature. We are fortunate to be located in the capital city of Wisconsin where we have easy access to legislative sessions.

Doctor Day at the Capitol


Community Pediatrics and Advocacy eXperience (CPAX)

During your first year of residency, you will participate in the CPAX rotation with the goal of exposing you to the people and programs throughout the Madison area who influence child health. You will have the opportunity to see where and how your patients live and the challenges some face on a daily basis.


Advocacy Project

During your residency, you will develop a project with the goal of improving child health. Much of the planning and preparation for the project will be completed during your CPAX rotation intern year. The project development and resolution are able to be more longitudinal experiences throughout residency.

  • Example Projects
    • Jasmine Zapata, MD (graduated in 2016)
      • Organized a pilot program of health education and empowerment “lock-ins” to provide awareness and education to minority youth in order to increase healthy behavior and decrease risk-taking activities.
      • She is now a resident at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s preventive medicine residency program!
    • Sadie Skarloken, MD (PL-3)
      • Worked with Centro Hispano, a local volunteer organization for Hispanic community members, to create educational materials for a community health worker program.
    • Kristen Marten (PL-2)
      • Created educational materials about the Double Dollars program for FoodShare recipients and shared information with providers and through the electronic medical record.
    • Ashely Carver (PL-2)
      • Educated her fellow residents about the risk of lead toxicity through city water lines and demonstrated how to advocate for passage of Wisconsin Assembly Bill 298k.


American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Our residents participate in AAP initiatives both locally within the Wisconsin Chapter and at a national level. Each class has at least one representative who educate our program on national child health movements, advocacy projects in other programs and local efforts.


Global Health Program

Residents within the global health program focus both on international health and local-global projects, working with the Madison Latino community via Centro Hispano!


Perry Krumenacher, MD
“Doctor Day was a unique,
and exciting, opportunity
to discuss important issues
with state legislators.
Before this event I was
unaware of particular bills/
issues up for debate, nor did
I have any political experience
, but I learned a ton and I
look forward to returning!”
Perry Krumenacher, MD (PL-2)

Doctor Day - Advocacy at the Capitol

Wisconsin physicians, residents and medical students meet at the Capitol annually to engage in the legislative process and support political candidates who promote the health of our patients.

Reach Out And Read

Reach Out and ReadOur UW Health continuity clinics participate in Reach Out and Read, a national, nonprofit organization founded to improve early literacy. We teach about reading and the importance of books at well child checks and provide children with age appropriate reading materials.