• Gail Allen, MD
    Gail Allen, MD

    Dr. Allen’s interests include developing, implementing and evaluating EHR registries and associated workflows to understand and improve care for medically-homed pediatric patients with chronic disease. She is also keen on developing EHR tools and workflows to improve screening in primary care and on improving communication between primary care teams and community organizations which provide services to children.

    Dr. Allen has presented her work at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting and National Conference and Exhibition, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community, The American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition, the EPIC XGM Conference, and at the International Collaborative for Improving Primary Care Through Industrial and Systems Engineering (I-PrACTISE) Conference. Recent and current projects include:

    • An evaluation of the EHR obesity registry and use of goal setting for obesity in primary care
    • Ongoing monitoring of primary care use of asthma, obesity, and ADHD registries to achieve process and outcome goals
    • A longitudinal review of patients with asthma and ER visits over two years
    • Improvement of a chlamydia screening EHR alert and associated workflows
    • Development and dissemination of an EPIC EHR Radar Dashboard and workflows for childhood immunizations and screenings
  • Sanjeev Jain, MD
    Sanjeev Jain, MD

    Dr. Jain’s interests include using the EHR obesity registry to understand and improve care for patients with obesity.

    Dr. Jain has presented his work at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting and APA QI meeting. Recent projects include:

    • A longitudinal evaluation of the obesity registry and patient outcomes
  • Madhulika Mathur, MD, MPH
    Mathur, MD, MPH

    Dr. Mathur’s interest in quality improvement includes a population health based approach to address gaps in care between evidence based guidelines and current ambulatory pediatric practice. Over the years, she has worked on quality improvement projects including: implementing routine developmental screening within the medical home, addressing health literacy within ambulatory care clinics, creating workflows during well child checks for transition of youth from pediatric to adult health care, developing workflows and EMR changes to implement chlamydia screening, and promoting care coordination for youth with ADHD through Shared Plans of Care. She has also facilitated two statewide quality improvement collaboratives to increase HPV vaccination rates through the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Mathur has presented her work at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting, the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition and the Wisconsin Collaborative for Health Care Quality Assembly Meeting.

    Recent and current projects include:

    • Transition of Care: Developed workflows for transition of youth in the UW Health ambulatory pediatric clinics.
    • ADHD Shared Plans of Care: Developed the template for a Share Plan of Care within our electronic medical record and created a workflow to implement these shared plans of care for youth with ADHD.
    • Boosting Primary Care Awareness and Treatment for Childhood Hypertension: Working with through a national collaborative and local partners to increase awareness of elevated blood pressures during routine ambulatory office visits and creating workflows with our pediatric subspecialty colleagues on how to manage these elevated blood pressures and treat hypertension.
  • Karen Pletta, MD
    Karen Pletta, MD

    Dr Karen Pletta’s primary academic interest is in pediatric asthma. She is working with the GPAM Asthma quality team on work flows to increase Asthma Action Plans to patients during well child visits and to improve asthma outreach. She has presented posters related to pediatric asthma quality at the AAP NCE conference in 2016, local and statewide conferences, the Pediatric Academic Society 2018 and will be presenting at the AAP NCE conference 2018. Recent and current projects include:

    • longitudinal evaluation of the EHR Asthma Registry and patient outcomes
    • Case-control study evaluating GPAM asthma patients who did and did not have ER visits over the past 2 years ER to determine if there are factors that could reduce need for asthma ER visits.
    • Evaluating Asthma Action Plans effectiveness/value for families for work days, school days and home/daycare management.