• Jess Babal, MD
    Jess Babal, MD

    Interests include pediatric residency education; primary care education research; innovative learning and teaching strategies; narrative medicine; and wellness training for medical students and pediatric residents.

    Current projects include:

    • Gender Differences in Pediatric Residency Personal Statements: Text analysis software used to identify gender differences in writing tone, style, and content
    • Prospective evaluation of continuity clinic experience and perceived readiness for transition to practice
    • Practice and Orientation to Wellness, Empowerment, and Resiliency (POWER) study: Evaluation of a resiliency skills curriculum for early medical students (department grant funded, will be implemented Mar 2018)
    • Pediatric Resident Burnout and Resilience Study Consortium
  • John Frohna, MD
    John Frohna, MD
    Residency Program
    Director and Vice
    Chair for Education

    As a program director for the past 20 years, I have to say that what I love most about this role is my ability to get to know and mentor residents over their time in the program (and beyond!). I have always been impressed by the commitment that our department chair and faculty have to resident education; everyone truly values the work of the residents and works hard to make sure we graduate the best pediatricians possible. As director, I am not content with the status quo – I want this program to continue to evolve and find innovative ways to teach residents.

    The UW Pediatric Residency Program provides training in general pediatrics and all pediatric subspecialties.

    Program aims

    • Prepare highly skilled pediatricians who are driven, critical thinkers, and leaders and who successfully work to improve the care of children.
    • Foster a commitment to advocacy for the advancement of child health priorities at the local, national, and/or international level.
    • Engage residents in program evaluation and improvement and in shaping their own residency experience to prepare them for their careers.
    • Provide a progressive learning environment that supports collaboration across levels of training and among specialties.
  • Megan Neuman, MD
    Megan Neuman, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor Megan Neuman, MD joined the department in August 2015 and became the medical director for continuity clinics in January 2016.

    Current projects include:

    • Biannual reports on resident clinical activity, include data on number, age and gender of patients and types of visits, with next steps to focus on making continuity clinic experiences more robust, to include adequate diversity of exposures and learning, as well as improving continuity.
    • Residents receive family/patient feedback in spring and fall, which are incorporated into their semi-annual reviews.
    • Piloted a mindful practice course available to all residents, in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018.
  • Caroline Paul, MD
    Caroline Paul, MD

    Caroline R. Paul MD has developed an interest/niche in medical educational scholarship. Her primary and underlying interest is teaching; this has translated to various domains of medical education scholarship.

    She enjoys collaborative relationships with experts particularly in the areas of evaluation and assessment, validity evidence and the development of instruments of measure, and in curriculum development and innovation. She is involved in both quantitative and qualitative medical education research. Some products of her strong interests are reflected in her teaching presentations at PAS in the form of poster and podium presentations, didactics to PAS academic fellows, and workshops relating to a variety of medical education scholarship.

    While she seeks to have her medical scholarship and teaching work encompass a range of clinical topics, her current interests are in pediatric otoscopy, health disparities and health equity, and teaching practices. She has published pediatric otoscopy curricula for students and for residents and has developed a peer-reviewed validated checklist to be used in the pediatric ear exam.

  • Meriel Rongstad, MD
    Meriel Rongstad, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor Meriel Rongstad, MD is working as Assistant Director for the third year medical student pediatric clerkship.

    Current projects include:

    • Developing video presentations to be used in the Forward Curriculum reviewing the Pediatric Health Supervision Exam and the Pediatric Office Visit. She is reaching out to members of the GPAM division to include them in the video. The goal is to provide GPAM faculty exposure to the third year medical students who will be rotating through their offices. The faculty role in the video will be to provide experience on managing situations unique to a pediatric office visit.
    • Ongoing evaluation and provision of feedback to medical students concerning their CLIPP cases.
    • Meeting with and writing Chair letters of recommendation for fourth year students applying for pediatric residencies.

GPAM Faculty TOP 25 teachers 2017-8

Each year our pediatric department asks trainees to vote on top teachers and the top 25 teachers are named. We are proud of the GPAM faculty who were voted as top teachers for the 2017-2018 academic year!

  • Allen, Brittany
  • Cody, Paula
  • DeSantes, Kathleen
  • Frohna, John
  • Houser, Laura
  • Moreno, Megan
  • Navsaria, Dipesh
  • Plumb, Amy
  • Rongstad, Meriel
  • Sleeth, Jeffrey
  • Vundavalli, Shravani
  • Wright, Robin
  • Yu, Kok-Peng
  • Zimmerman, Christine