SMPH-Pediatrics Citrix Has Been Retired. Please read the information below for the new service providing remote access to Peds Resources:


The Pediatrics Shared Remote Desktop Service provides employees and approved associates of the department with a virtual desktop on the SMPH-Pediatrics network, providing access to department file servers and applications to those collaborators that otherwise utilize different IT services and networks.  This service also allows Apple macOS users to use Windows-only software.  For those familiar with Citrix in its full desktop mode, it is a comparable service.

Transition away from Peds Citrix

Peds Citrix was decommissioned shortly after the end of our software licensing agreement with Citrix (Dec 30, 2020).  All functionality of the Peds Citrix service has been replicated with better usability in the new Shared Remote Desktop service.  If you have files or bookmarks in your Citrix profile that you would like to move over to your Shared Remote Desktop profile, please call the Peds Helpdesk at (608) 263-3060 for assistance.

Requirements for Accessing the Shared Remote Desktop Service

•A SMPH-Pediatrics Account (Peds Account).

For help with this account, contact the Peds Helpdesk at (608) 263-3060.  For new account requests, supervisors or sponsoring faculty or staff may request accounts through Peds HR.  More info: How to request a Pediatrics network account for a new (non-faculty) employee or student

•A UW-Madison Campus OR UWHealth local network or VPN connection. 

PedsVPN or WiscVPN or UWHealth’s VPN <—- click the links for instructions

Peds Remote Desktop Gateway is limited to UW-Madison affiliated networks, thus a VPN is required for off-campus clients to reach the Pediatrics Remote Desktop server.

All of these VPN services provide access to the Peds Shared Remote Desktop.  They differ in that the WiscVPN connects to a general UW-Madison network, whereas the PedsVPN connects inside of the SMPH-Pediatrics network specifically and as does UWHealth’s VPN into their respective network.

VPN Name Account Use For
PedsVPN Pediatrics Account Supported DOP Computers
WiscVPN UW NetID Non-DOP Computers (UW-owned and personal)


  1. Log in to the web client with your Pediatrics account –

  2. Click Shared Server.  
  3. A connection will be opened to one of the Shared Remote Desktop Servers within your web browser

No other software is needed. This will work in Windows 10 and macOS in any popular web browser.

To maximize (full screen) the session, rather than using the browsers standard “full screen” button, it is recommended you use the following button found in the upper right (highlighted with a red oval in this example) and remote desktop window will automatically adjust to properly fill the screen and adjust resolution.

(Alternative) Remote Desktop App:

You can download a pre-configured rdp connection file (Shared Server.rdp) to open with your Microsoft Remote Desktop application in Windows or macOS.
To download the rdp connection file, do the following after logging into the web client:

  1. Click on the gear icon.
  2. Under Resources Launch Method, click the button next to Download the rdp file.

  3. Click the X in the upper right of the window (to the right of the word Settings).

  4. Click Shared Server in the main window.
  5. Instead of launching the connection in your browser, a file named Shared Server.rdp will be downloaded. Clicking on it will open it in Microsoft Remote Desktop.