Division Highlights - Cardiology

The Division of Pediatric Cardiology and the Pediatric Heart Program of the American Family Children’s Hospital provides outstanding comprehensive care to children with congenital or acquired heart disease throughout Wisconsin and the region.

Clinical specialties include pediatric and adult congenital heart disease diagnosis and management, including care of fetuses and newborns with complex structural heart problems; noninvasive cardiac imaging; interventional catheterization; inherited arrhythmias and interventional electrophysiology; exercise physiology; and preventive cardiology.

National Institutes of Health-funded research investigates the biology of inherited cardiomyopathies and the response of the immature heart to physiologic stress, and the use of newborn screening to identify congenital heart defects.

2012 Highlights

  • John Hokanson, MD, was awarded a 3-year, $900,000 grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (DHHS-HRSA) for his project, “Wisconsin Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Demonstration Program.”
  • John Hokanson, MD, and Kathleen Maginot, MD, named “Top Doctors” by Madison Magazine.
  • Luke Lamers, MD, joined the Pediatric Heart Program as Director of Interventional Services. He provides state-of-the-art minimally invasive catheterization care, and is pioneering transcatheter valve replacement in children at AFCH.
  • Allen Wilson, MD, was among the first recipients of the UW Health Patient Experience Physician Champion Award, which recognizes physicians who have achieved exemplary communication skills in the 2011 Avatar patient satisfaction survey.


J. Carter Ralphe, MD

Assistant Professor and
Division Chief

John S. Hokanson, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Luke J. Lamers, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Ian H. Law, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Kathleen R. Maginot, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Amy L. H. Peterson, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Douglas J. Schneider, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Shardha Srinivasan, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Nicholas H. Von Bergen, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Larry H. Weinhaus, MD

Clinical Instructor

Allen D. Wilson, MD

Professor (CHS)


Recent Publications

Beissel DJ, Goetz EM, Hokanson JS. Pulse oximetry screening in Wisconsin. Congenit Heart Dis. 2012 Sep-Oct;7(5):460-5. PMID: 22494499.

Das S, Law IH, Von Bergen NH, Bradley DJ, Dick M 2nd, Etheridge SP, Saarel EV, Frias PA, Strieper MJ, Fischbach PS. Cryoablation therapy for atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia in children: a multicenter experience of efficacy. Pediatr Cardiol. 2012 Oct;33(7):1147-53. PMID: 22430375.

Hokanson JS. Pulse oximetry is beneficial in screening newborns for critical congenital heart disease. J Pediatr. 2012 Mar;160(3):529. PMID: 22329879.

Knoche JW, Orland KM, January CT, Maginot KR. Atrial fibrillation and long QT syndrome presenting in a 12-year-old girl. Case Rep Pediatr. 2012:124838. PMID: 23193492.

Grant Support

Our faculty were principal investigators on the following grants during calendar year 2012.

Principal Investigator Funding Agency Title
Hokanson, John DHHS, PHS, National Institutes of Health SHINE Project
Ralphe, J. Carter American Heart Association Greater Midwest Affiliate POSH and Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy:  Bridging the Gap Between Genetic Mutation and Hypertrophy
Ralphe, J. Carter DHHS, PHS, National Institutes of Health Murine 3D Engineered Tissue Model of Human MYBPC3 Mutations

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