Division Highlights - Neonatology & Newborn Nursery

The Division of Neonatology & Newborn Nursery promotes the health and well-being of the newborn, whether critically ill, premature, or in need of special observation.

Research interests include genetic contributors to premature birth, nutrition in neonates (with special emphasis on iron metabolism and vitamin supplementation), chronic complications of prematurity including lung and vision problems of prematurity, infection and inflammation, placental biology vascular adaptations in pregnancy, and models and methods of maternal-infant health care.

2011 Highlights

  • Georgia Ditzenberger, RNC, PhD, launched the mid-level provider team as part of daily rounds in the NICU.
  • Frank Greer, MD, was named an American Society for Nutrition fellow in honor of a lifetime of accomplishment in research and service.
  • Julie Kessel, MD, served as interim clinical director of the Meriter neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • Pamela Kling, MD received an award of over $34,000 from the UW Graduate School for her project, "Regulating Placental Iron Transfer in Fetal Growth Restriction."
  • Jamie Limjoco, MD, joined the division after completing her fellowship at USC.
  • Bikash Pattnaik, PhD, received a $47,856 award from the Meriter Foundation for his project, “The Role of Birth-Related Hormones in Retinopathy of Prematurity.”
  • De-Ann Pillers, MD, PhD, received a $47,176 award from the Meriter Foundation for her project, “Understanding the Contribution of Hyperoxia to Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia of the Premature Infant.”
  • Neena Shah, MD, undertook a Vermont-Oxford NICQ7 project at Meriter Hospital.


De-Ann M. Pillers, MD, PhD

Professor and Division Chief

Georgia R. Ditzenberger, NNP, RNC, PhD

Assistant Professor

Elizabeth M. Goetz, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Frank R. Greer, MD


Julie M. Kessel, MD

Associate Professor

Pamela J. Kling, MD

Associate Professor

Jamie J. Limjoco, MD

Assistant Professor

Francois M. Luyet, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Matthew D. Maruna, MD


Neena D. Shah, MD

Clinical Associate Professor


Recent Publications

Greer FR. Update on nutritional recommendations for the pediatric patient. Adv Pediatr. 2011;58(1):27-39. PMID: 21736974.

Phillips AK, Fischer BA, Baxter RJ, Shafranski SA, Coe CL, Kling PJ. Recruiting Latina families in a study of infant iron deficiency: a description of barriers, study adjustments and review of the literature. WMJ. 2011 Feb;110(1):26-31. PMID: 21473510.

Pridham K, Brown R, Bamberger JM, Wells J, Greer F, Mounts K. Graphical exploration of dimensions of preterm infant growth in weight in association with biological, nutritional, and energy expenditure conditions. Biol Res Nurs. 2011 Jul;13(3):260-73. PMID: 21406503.

Tetrick MA, Greer FR, Benevenga NJ. Blood D-(-)-3-hydroxybutyrate concentrations after oral administration of trioctanoin, trinonanoin, or tridecanoin to newborn rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). Comp Med. 2010 Dec;60(6):486-90. PMID: 21262136.

Grant Support

Principal Investigator Funding Agency Title
Kling, Pamela Thrasher Research Foundation Early Screening and Interventions for Infants At-Risk for Iron Deficiency
Kling, Pamela Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Grad School Fall Competition
Kling, Pamela DHHS, PHS, National Institutes of Health Magness Supplement
Kling, Pamela University of Wisconsin Medical School Research Committee Award
Kling, Pamela UWF - Wisconsin Partnership Program - MERC Closing the Gap on Pediatric Health Disparities: Discerning the Causes and Consequences of Iron Deficiency in Infancy
Pattnaik, Bikash Meriter Foundation The Role of Birth-Related Hormones in Retinopathy of Prematurity
Pattnaik, Bikash UWMF - UW Medical Foundation Human RPE Cell Electrophysiology - ICTR Pilot
Pillers, De-Ann The Hartwell Foundation Genetics of the Innate Immune Response of the Infant as a Potential Biomarker for Premature Birth
Pillers, De-Ann Fight For Sight Fight for Sight 2011 - S. Brar
Pillers, De-Ann Meriter Foundation Understanding Chronic Lung Disease of the Premature Infant as a First Step in Developing New Therapeutic Interventions
Pillers, De-Ann Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society GIAR Award - S. Brar

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