Division Highlights - Emergency Medicine

The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine provides collaborative, family- and patient-centered care to meet the emergency medical and surgical needs of children throughout the region.

Our research focuses on injury prevention, EMS education, acute pain management, and patient simulation.

2011 Highlights

  • Michael Kim, MD, became the division’s associate director of research as part of efforts to build its research infrastructure.
  • Joshua Ross, MD, received the Charles Lobeck Medical Education Award for Outstanding Teaching in Pediatrics. In addition, Dr. Ross became the medical director for the pediatric emergency medicine clinical program. As the director of simulation for emergency medicine and pediatrics, he has developed a new Med Flight pediatric simulation program and a medical student pediatric emergency medicine simulation program.


Michael K. Kim, MD

Associate Professor and
Division Chief

Gregory S. Rebella, MD

Assistant Professor

Joshua C. Ross, MD

Assistant Professor


Recent Publications

Leonard JC, Kuppermann N, Olsen C, Babcock-Cimpello L, Brown K, Mahajan P, Adelgais KM, Anders J, Borgialli D, Donoghue A, Hoyle JD Jr, Kim E, Leonard JR, Lillis KA, Nigrovic LE, Powell EC, Rebella G, Reeves SD, Rogers AJ, Stankovic C, Teshome G, Jaffe DM; Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network. Factors associated with cervical spine injury in children after blunt trauma. Ann Emerg Med. 2011 Aug;58(2):145-55. PMID: 21035905.

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