Division Highlights - Cardiology

The Division of Pediatric Cardiology provides outstanding comprehensive care to children with congenital or acquired heart disease.

Clinical specialties include inherited arrhythmias, noninvasive cardiac imaging, exercise physiology, interventional catheterization, adult congenital heart disease, and preventive cardiology.

Basic research investigates the biology of inherited cardiomyopathies and the response of the immature heart to physiologic stress. Clinical research focuses on the use of newborn screening to identify congenital heart defects.

2011 Highlights

  • Adrian Grimes, PhD, received a two-year, $102,000 postdoctoral fellowship award from the American Heart Association’s Midwest Affiliate. This award will start in 2012 and will support Dr. Grimes’ work in the lab of his mentor, J. Carter Ralphe, MD, as he seeks to better understand the signaling pathways underlying the development of cardiac hypertrophy.
  • J. Carter Ralphe, MD, received a five-year, $1,250,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health – National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. His project, "Murine 3D Engineered Tissue Model of Human MYBPC3 Mutations," will use an innovative, three-dimensional, murine-engineered cardiac tissue model to assess the contractile phenotype and the factors that lead to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • The Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic was launched in 2011 under the direction of Amy Peterson, MD, and Ann Dodge, PNP. The clinic provides a valuable community resource by identifying and treating children at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • The electrophysiology (EP) service dramatically improved procedure safety by performing 78% of their interventional EP cases with no radiation exposure, and averaging only 1.5 minutes of exposure for cases requiring fluoroscopy.
  • Petros Anagnastopoulos, MD, joined UW Health as the chief of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. His skill and experience allows patients of all ages with congenital heart defects to receive exceptional surgical care at American Family Children’s Hospital.


J. Carter Ralphe, MD

Assistant Professor and
Division Chief

John S. Hokanson, MD

Associate Professor

Ian H. Law, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Kathleen R. Maginot, MD

Associate Professor

Amy L. H. Peterson, MD

Assistant Professor

Douglas J. Schneider, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Shardha Srinivasan, MD

Associate Professor

Nicholas H. Von Bergen, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Allen D. Wilson, MD



Recent Publications

Bernard PA, Ballard H, Schneider D. Current approaches to pediatric heart catheterizations. Pediatr Rep. 2011 Jun 30;3(3):e23. PMID: 22053267.

De Lange W, Hegge L, Grimes A, Brost T, Tong CT, Moss RL, Ralphe JC. Neonatal mouse-derived engineered cardiac tissue: A novel model system for studying genetic heart disease. Circ Res 2011;109:8-19. PMID: 21566213.

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Ng B, Schneider DJ, Hokanson JS. Closure of tubular patent ductus arteriosus in infants and small children with the Amplatzer Vascular Plug II. Congenit Heart Dis. 2011 Jan-Feb;6(1):64-9. PMID: 21269416.

Peterson AL, Quartermain MD, Ades A, Khalek N, Johnson MP, Rychik J. Impact of mode of delivery on markers of perinatal hemodynamics in infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. J Pediatr. 2011 Jul;159(1):64-9. PMID: 21414630.

Rogers LS, Peterson AL, Gaynor JW, Rome JJ, Weinberg PM, Rychik J. Mitral valve dysplasia syndrome: a unique form of left-sided heart disease. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2011 Dec;142(6):1381-7. PMID: 21752402.

Rowley AH, Baker SC, Shulman ST, Rand KH, Tretiakova MS, Perlman EJ, Garcia FL, Tajuddin NF, Fox LM, Huang JH, Ralphe JC, Takahashi K, Flatow J, Lin S, Kalelkar MB, Soriano B, Orenstein JM. Ultrastructural, immunofluorescence, and RNA evidence support the hypothesis of a “new” virus associated with Kawasaki disease. J Infect Dis 2011 Apr 1;203(7):1021-30. PMID: 21402552.

Von Bergen NH, Bansal S, Gingerich J, Law IH. Nonfluoroscopic and radiation-limited ablation of ventricular arrhythmias in children and young adults: a case series. Pediatr Cardiol. 2011 Aug;32(6):743-7. Epub 2011 Mar 27. PMID: 21442398.

Von Bergen NH, Atkins DL, Dick M 2nd, Bradley DJ, Etheridge SP, Saarel EV, Fischbach PS, Balaji S, Sreeram N, Evans WN, Law IH. Multicenter study of the effectiveness of implantable cardioverter defibrillators in children and young adults with heart disease. Pediatr Cardiol. 2011 Apr;32(4):399-405. Epub 2011 Jan 6. PMID: 21210096.

Grant Support

Principal Investigator Funding Agency Title
Ralphe, J. Carter DHHS, PHS, National Institutes of Health Murine 3D Engineered Tissue Model of Human MYBPC3 Mutations
Ralphe, J. Carter American Heart Association - Midwest Affiliate POSH and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Bridging the Gap Between Genetic Mutation and Hypertrophy. Postdoctoral Fellow: A. Grimes

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