Division Highlights - Nephrology

The Division of Nephrology provides comprehensive care for children with all types of kidney disease.

We offer several renal replacement therapies, with successful transplantation the ultimate goal for children with kidney failure. We are internationally recognized experts in pediatric renal transplantation and novel prednisone-free immunosuppression.

Other research interests include pediatric kidney stones and bone disorders and impaired growth associated with kidney failure.

2010 Highlights

  • Allison Redpath, MD, and Jesse Roach, MD, joined the division.


Sharon M. Bartosh, MD

Professor and Division Chief

	Allison C. Redpath, MD

Assistant Professor

Jesse L. Roach, MD

Assistant Professor

Cheryl P. Sanchez, MD

Associate Professor

Recent Publications

Benfield MR, Bartosh S, Ikle D, Warshaw B, Bridges N, Morrison Y, Harmon W. A randomized double-blind, placebo controlled trial of steroid withdrawal after pediatric renal transplantation. Am J Transplant. 2010 Jan;10(1):81-8.

Pescovitz MD, Ettenger RB, Strife CF, Sherbotie JR, Thomas SE, McDiarmid S, Bartosh S, Ives J, Bouw MR, Bucuvalas J. Pharmacokinetics of oral valganciclovir solution and intravenous ganciclovir in pediatric renal and liver transplant recipients. Transpl Infect Dis. 2010 Jun;12(3):195-203.

Niederhaus SV, Bloom DD, Chang Z, Hu H, Bartosh SM, Knechtle SJ. Cytokine kinetics profiling in pediatric renal transplant recipients. Pediatr Transplant. 2010 Aug;14(5):636-45.

Roach JL, Turenne MN, Hirth RA, Wheeler JR, Sleeman KS, Messana JM. Using race as a case-mix adjustment factor in a renal dialysis payment system: potential and pitfalls. Am J Kidney Dis. 2010 Nov;56(5):928-36.

Tang Y, Scheef EA, Gurel Z, Sorenson CM, Jefcoate CR, Sheibani N. CYP1B1 and endothelial nitric oxide synthase combine to sustain proangiogenic functions of endothelial cells under hyperoxic stress. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2010 Mar;298(3):C665-78.

Grant Support

Principal Investigator Funding Agency Title
Bartosh, Sharon Wayne State University Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Children with Vesicoureteral Reflux and Urinary Tract Infection
Bartosh, Sharon Research Foundation of SUNY Optimal Treatment of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
Sorenson, Christine American Heart Association Greater Midwest Thrombospondin1 and Diabetic Nephropathy

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