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Recent Graduates

Graduate Careers

Upon completion of our program, you will be well-prepared to pursue any career path in pediatrics. The figure at the right shows the career paths for our graduates over the past five years. Residents entering general pediatrics have successfully obtained positions in academics, in student health, and in practices throughout the United States. Some of our global health track residents are now working with the Indian Health Service, and another has been developing clinics in Uganda.

Over the past few years, we have seen an increased interest in subspecialty training, with almost 2/3 of our graduates pursuing fellowships. Our residents have obtained positions both here at the University of Wisconsin, as well as at competitive programs across the country. The table below shows the specialties and locations for our recent graduates

Allergy & Immunology
University of Wisconsin (2)
University of Iowa
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Child Abuse
Medical College of Wisconsin
Critical Care
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin (2)
Emergency Medicine
University of Utah
University of Wisconsin (2)
Environmental Health
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital
University of Missouri-Kansas City
General Pediatrics
Boston University
University of Wisconsin (2)
Johns Hopkins
Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Oakland Children’s Hospital
University of Colorado
University of Wisconsin
Infectious Diseases
University of Colorado
University of Minnesota
University of Pittsburgh
Boston Children’s Hospital
Loma Linda University
Ohio State University
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin
Sports Medicine
University of Iowa

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