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Dr. Ellen Wald with Residents

Our faculty members are wonderful teachers who are dedicated to your education. In addition to teaching on rounds, in clinics, and at conferences, our faculty is also eager to share their enthusiasm for child advocacy, research, and patient care.

Our faculty consists of over 100 members, representing all specialties. We also have a close working relationship with a number of private practice pediatricians from the Madison area who serve as role models for our residents.

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In our program, you will have the opportunity to work with these nationally and internationally recognized faculty:

  • Dave Allen, MD – internationally known for his work on growth hormone and children
  • Jim Conway, MD – internationally known for his work in public health and infectious disease in Africa
  • Phillip M. Farrell, MD, PhD – a world expert in cystic fibrosis (CF), developed newborn screening for CF
  • Norm Fost, MD, MPH – an internationally recognized expert in bioethics
  • Jim Gern, MD – nationally known for his work on viruses and asthma; his group developed a gene chip that can diagnose well over 100 respiratory viruses
  • Anna Huttenlocher, MD – world renowned for her analyses of leukocyte adhesion and trafficking
  • Murray Katcher, MD, PhD – has spent his career in advocacy and public health, his research led to the policy to limit the temperature of water heaters
  • Greg Landry, MD – an expert in sports medicine, developed one of the first sports medicine fellowships in pediatrics
  • Bruce Klein, MD – world leader in the study of basic mechanisms of Blastomycosis
  • Robert Lemanske, MD – head of allergy division, leading asthma researcher
  • Rich Pauli, MD, PhD – the expert in pediatrics and genetics on bone dysplasias such as achondroplasia
  • Mary Schroth, MD – a national expert in the pulmonary care of neuromuscular diseases in children
  • Ellen Wald, MD – expert in pediatric infectious disease, especially in the diagnosis and management of otitis media and sinusitis

In addition to these faculty members who are still active in our department, our department’s rich history includes:

  • Dr. William Segar, who described the Holliday-Segar method for maintenance fluid requirements in children (now often called the “4-2-1 rule”)
  • Dr. David W. Smith, author of Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation, and internationally recognized authority in the field of birth defects and human malformations
  • Dr. John M. Opitz, who helped characterize and name many syndromes, including Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (yes, that is Dr. David Smith again!)

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