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Policies & Procedures

General Clerkship Policies & Procedures

Problems & Feedback

Please feel free to contact us at any time during your pediatric rotation if any problems arise. If you become ill or need to be absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to notify your ward team or the clinic attendings with whom you are working that day (or evening for call). If you are uncertain whom to call, call Cindy Nicholson at 262-1966 to obtain names and phone numbers.

Contact Information

knackers [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu (Kirstin A. M. Nackers, MD)
Clerkship Director
(608) 263-8560

Chief Residents
Office: H4/455 CSC
Phone: 263-8564

mwilhelm [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu (Michael Wilhelm, MD)
Associate Clerkship Director
(608) 263-1905

cmnicholson [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu (Cindy M. Nicholson)
Education Coordinator
(608) 262-1966


Students are expected to participate in all Pediatric Clerkship activities including:

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds
  • Chief Resident Rounds
  • intake and attending rounds
  • all assigned clinic/ward sessions
  • all conferences
  • lectures

Students must obtain prior written approval from the clerkship director for all absences (except acute illness) from clerkship activities. Absences will be reported to the Associate Dean for Students where they will be recorded and periodically reviewed. We will excuse absences due to emergencies and certain professional activities. Examples of excused absences include a death in the family; religious holidays, serious personal illness, or illness of a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child, and research presentations at professional meetings. Excused absences for events other than those listed above will be at the discretion of the clerkship director. Consequences of an absence: the clerkship director will determine whether the student must make up the absence, may assign a lower grade for the absence, or if there are excessive absences, may require a repeat of the entire clerkship.

If you are ill, you must call the Education Office at your clerkship site to notify them that you will not be coming into work. Also call your ward team or clinic attending team by 7:30 am to notify them of your illness and expected absence. House-staff cannot grant permissions for absences.


Students are not required to work on scheduled holidays. This is a UW School of Medicine and Public Health policy.

Core Days

Students are excused from their rotations during all three Core Days. They are not to be on call the night before or to round the morning of Core Days - this is a UWSMPH policy.

Work Hours

Medical student work hours are restricted to the UWSMPH Clinical Rotations Work Policy
Maximum of 80 hours/week averaged over 4 weeks
At least one 24-hour period off per week on average
Maximum shift of 24 consecutive hours, plus 6 hour sign off

Exam Release

Students are released from all clinical duties at 4:30pm on the day before their exam.

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