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Division Members

Division Chief

Vivek Balasubramaniam, MD Vivek Balasubramaniam, MD
Associate Professor (CHS)
Balasubramaniam Lab
balasubramaniam [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/920 CSC; 8531 WIMR   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-8555; (608) 263-3285


Philip M. Farrell, MD, PhD Philip M. Farrell, MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Farrell Research Group
pmfarrell [at]

K4/948 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-9094
Chris G. Green, MD Chris G. Green, MD
Professor (CHS)
cggreen [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

H4/820 CSC   Mailcode: 8310
Phone: (608) 265-0210
Camilla K. Matthews, MD Camilla K. Matthews, MD
Associate Professor (CHS)
Matthews Research Group
ckmatthews [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/938 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 265-4864
Michael J. Rock, MD Michael J. Rock, MD
Professor (CHS)
Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trials Research Group (Rock)
mjrock [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/946 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-8555
Mary K. Schroth, MD Mary K. Schroth, MD
Professor (CHS)
mschroth [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/942 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-8555


Christina Barreda Christina Barreda
cbarreda [at]

600 N Highland Ave   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 262-7926

Clinical Staff

Craig A. Becker, MSSW Craig A. Becker, MSSW
Senior Clinical Social Worker
cbecker [at]

Phone: (608) 263-8572
Shelly L. Eagen, APNP Shelly L. Eagen, APNP
Nurse Practitioner
SEagen [at]

H6/446 CSC   Mailcode: MC0001
Phone: (608) 263-3196
No Photo Available Jennifer A. Harmelink
Nurse Clinician
jharmelink [at]

1675 Highland Ave   Mailcode: C200
No Photo Available Erin P. Henter
Nurse Clinician
ehenter [at]

1675 Highland Ave   Mailcode: C200
Phone: (608) 263-8157
No Photo Available Jennifer M. Knepper
Nurse Clinician
jknepper2 [at] uwhealth.rog

1675 Highland Ave   Mailcode: C200
Darci L. Pfeil, NP Darci L. Pfeil, NP
Nurse Practitioner
dpfeil [at]

H6/446 CSC
Phone: (608) 263-6420
No Photo Available Jenifer L. Stokstad
Nurse Clinician
jstokstad [at]

1675 Higland Ave   Mailcode: C200
Phone: (608) 263-6420
Kathryn (Kate) A. Swenson, NP Kathryn (Kate) A. Swenson, NP
Nurse Practitioner
kswenson [at]

H6/446 CSC   Mailcode: C200
Phone: (608) 263-6419
No Photo Available Roger W. White, MA
Medical Assistant
rwhite2 [at]

2108 AFCH   Mailcode: C225
Phone: (608) 890-8061


Chandramu Chetty, PhD, MB (ASCP) Chandramu Chetty, PhD, MB (ASCP)
Assistant Scientist
Balasubramaniam Lab
chetty [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

Phone: (608) 265-4828
Anita Laxova Anita Laxova
Research Program Manager
alaxova [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/948 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-6213
Leslie L. Lord Leslie L. Lord
Administrative Program Specialist
llord [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

E5/417 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 262-7457
Linda M. Makholm Linda M. Makholm
Senior Medical Technologist
Farrell Research Group & Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trials Research Group (Rock)
lmakholm [at]

E5/417 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 262-0340
Mary S. Marcus Mary S. Marcus
UWPPC Co-Director
UW Health
mmarcus [at]

G5/138 CSC
Phone: (608) 263-9182
No Photo Available Melanie M. Nelson
Associate Research Specialist
mnelson [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

E5/417 CSC   Mailcode: MC 9988
Phone: (608) 265-4617
Renee C. Schmitt Renee C. Schmitt
rcschmitt [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

K4/944 CSC   Mailcode: 9988
Phone: (608) 263-8555

Graduate Students

Joseph F. Levy Joseph F. Levy
Project Assistant
Farrell Research Group
jflevy [at]

756 WARF
Phone: (608) 263-9094
No Photo Available Nicole A. Vesperman
Graduate Student
nvesperman [at]

K4/944 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 265-7959


No Photo Available Gretta M. Nelson
Student Researcher
gmnelson2 [at]

8531 WIMR
Phone: (608) 263-3285

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