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Division Members

Division Chief

Maria A. Stanley, MD Maria A. Stanley, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
mastanley [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

315 Waisman Center   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 890-3137


Wendy S. Coleman, MD Wendy S. Coleman, MD
Clinical Professor
wendy.coleman [at]

4122 East Towne Blvd
Phone: (608) 242-6845
Christina M. Iyama-Kurtycz, MD Christina M. Iyama-Kurtycz, MD
Associate Professor (CHS)
cmiyamak [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

339 Waisman Center   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 265-4806
Janet M. Legare, MD Janet M. Legare, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
jmlegare [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

359 Waisman Center   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 265-3423

Clinical Staff

Leann E. Smith, PhD Leann E. Smith, PhD
Developmental Psychologist
lsmith [at]

549 Waisman Center   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 890-1390


Manda K. Ratcliff Manda K. Ratcliff
mratcliff [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

322 Waisman   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 263-8663


No Photo Available Lisa M. Fisher
MPA Associate
lfisher [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

322 Waisman   Mailcode: 9345
Phone: (608) 265-4806

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