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Division Members

Division Chief

Luther Sigurdsson, MD Luther Sigurdsson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
lsigurdsson [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

H4/426 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 265-4893


Istvan Danko, MD, PhD Istvan Danko, MD, PhD
Associate Professor (CHS)
idanko [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

H4/432 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 265-9702
Daniel M. O Daniel M. O'Connell, MD
Assistant Professor (CHS)
oconnell [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

H4/420 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 262-9556
Dorota Walkiewicz-Jedrzejczak, MD Dorota Walkiewicz-Jedrzejczak, MD
Assistant Professor (CHS)
walkiewicz [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

H4/434 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 262-9335

Clinical Staff

Jessica L. King, PA-C Jessica L. King, PA-C
Physician Assistant
jking3 [at]

J6/411 CSC   Mailcode: C200
Phone: (608) 265-9702
No Photo Available Erin J. Seffrood
Clinical Nutritionist
ESeffrood [at]

600 N. Highland Ave   Mailcode: 1510
Phone: (608) 261-1746
Marcy M. Weidkamp, NP Marcy M. Weidkamp, NP
Nurse Practitioner
mweidkamp [at]

J6/411 CSC   Mailcode: C200
Phone: (608) 265-9702


Rose M. Hernandez Rose M. Hernandez
rmhernandez [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

J4/402 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 265-6595
Mary Ann B. Phillips Mary Ann B. Phillips
mbphillips [at] pediatrics [dot] wisc [dot] edu

J4/402 CSC   Mailcode: 4108
Phone: (608) 265-9702; (608) 265-6020

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