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Research Accomplishments

The following faculty are active members of the Society for Pediatric Research:

  • David Allen, MD
  • Aaron Carrel, MD
  • Elizabeth Cox, MD, PhD
  • Sunny Dovat, MD
  • Philip Giampietro, MD
  • Theresa Guilbert, MD
  • Pamela Kling, MD
  • Patricia Kokotailo, MD
  • Robert Lemanske, MD
  • De-Ann Pillers, MD, PhD
  • J. Carter Ralphe, MD
  • Michael Rock, MD
  • Christine Seroogy, MD
  • Judith Smith, MD, PhD
  • Jon Wolff, MD

The following faculty are active members of the American Pediatric Society:

  • David Allen, MD
  • Sharon Bartosh, MD
  • Kenneth DeSantes, MD
  • James Gern, MD
  • Frank Greer, MD
  • Anna Huttenlocher, MD
  • Lawrence Kaplan, MD
  • Robert Lemanske, MD
  • De-Ann Pillers, MD, PhD
  • Paul Sondel, MD, PhD
  • Ellen Wald, MD

Bruce Klein, MD, was awarded a named professorship from the UW Graduate School Research Committee (2008).

Michael MacDonald, MD, was awarded a patent (#20050038379) for the Microfluidic device for drug delivery (2007).

Dipesh Navsaria, MD, was awarded funding as a resident for his “Reach Out and Read” project by the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment (2007).

Teaching Accomplishments

David Bernhardt, MD, received the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Education Award, which recognizes a member of the Academy who has made a broad and positive impact on the health and well-being of children and adolescents (2008).

David Allen, MD, received the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach award (2007).

Clinical Accomplishments

Kristin Casey, NP, was awarded the American Family Children’s Hospital’s Cure Kids Cancer Patient & Family Support Award (2008).

Michael Rock, MD, was honored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for his significant accomplishments in fighting cystic fibrosis (2007).

Other Notable Accomplishments

Philip Farrell, MD, received the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Edwin Kendig Award (2008).

Norman Fost, MD, MPH, received the Oklahoma College of Medicine’s Biomedical Ethics’ Patricia Price Brown Prize (2007), and the Human Health Improvement Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Human Research Protection (2007).

Patricia Kokotailo, MD, was named Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Affairs (2008).

Paul Sondel, MD, PhD, received the University of Wisconsin’s Hilldale Award (2007).

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